THIRD EYE FOR THE BLIND - Second version

Monday, November 20, 2017

This is the second version of my project named "Third eye for the blind" You can read the tutorial and complete description of the first version by clicking here. This version is updated with more compact sized module on there arm and made the all other parts in the form of a jacket now it can be wear as simple as a cloth by the blinds. More details and the tutorial will update here later. Stay connected!

The complete device worn by my friend (He is a normal person and this image shows how it wanted be worn by a person)


Watch videos of it's explanation

(Videos captured by BIO magazine @ National Science Fair Bhopal)

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  1. Sir,How blinds can recognise the pits and shallows by this project ?

  2. Sir,What is the use of GPS system in this project ?

    1. For tracking the blind to make sure that they are going fine..

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry it's kits are not available at present. it is a diy project.

  4. Iam also working on device for blind person

  5. What are the different between 1st and this 2nd?

  6. Hey really nice project.I am quite impressed by your work

    I want to ask you that, can you provide me detailed project report file as I want to make a research poster on this topic.

    In my poster I will definitely give you the credits in the reference section, and I assure you no miss leading steps will taken to copy your idea

    I hope you will respond back to me as soon as possible. Thank You

  7. can you provide an alternate version of the schematic? Possibly for the arduino uno? Also the directions you gave don't seem to match up with the schematic so I'm confused about this


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