Make a 3.3 volt regulator for ESP8266

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3.3 volt power supply is one of the main issue when we use ESP8266 - 01 as a standalone board. The board runs in 3.3 voltage . More than this voltage, it may damage your board. In this tutorial I am going to show how to make a simple 3.3 volt regulator for your ESP8266 board. You can make this at a cost of 0.4$ (~20 rupees). There are also available some 3.3 volt power supply for purchase but there cost is more than this.

Parts required.

The all parts I am shown here are purchased from a local store. 
    1.     LM317 regulator IC
    2.     220 uf capacitor
    3.     10 uf capacitor 
    4.     390 ohms resistor
    5.     240 ohms resistor
    6.     Small piece of perfboard
    7.     Female header pins

ESP8266 3.3 volt regulator circuit diagram.

Circuit - ESP8266 3.3 volt power supply
ESP8266 3.3 volt power supply circuit diagram

Different steps of making the regulator


1. Connect the female header pin
2. Connect the lm317 regulator ic
3. Connect the 220uf capacitor
4. Connect the 390 ohms resistors on the back side of the perfboard
5. Connect the 240 ohms resistors on the back side of the perfboard
6. Connect the 10uf capacitor
7.Finally connect the esp8266
Then you can take out the connection from GPIO 0 and GPIO 2 as shown in the above circuit diagram.

3.3 volt circuit without ESP8266
3.3 volt power supply circuit diagram

Project using this 3.3 volt regulator is coming soon stay connected!

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  1. Very nice build and good explained. Thank you! It helped me a lot for my first steps using ESP8266

  2. nice one Muhammed Azhar. Can you help me with a circuit for connecting Node mcu with dc power supply instead of USB


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