Arduino robot using l293d or l2998n motor controller

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Are you a beginner in arduino and have a plan to make your first robot then follow this tutorial.
Are you not yet used an arduino then-have a familiar of this by feeling it.
What about making your own robots. It's really cool thing?.But don't know where to start. Then this tutorial is (best) for you. In this tutorial I am going to show how to make an arduino robot with different functionalities in cheap price. We can learn the use of different programs for different functions, mainly a smart phone controlled robot with Obstacle avoid er, wall follower or maze solver robot etc or You can also make it for a single function.

Watch this video to see it's final working.

Visit last step to learn editing the Bluetooth app - 'Bluetooth Electronics'

Here download all the files - Arduino codes and circuit diagram.

Materials and tools.


How the motor controler control one motor - 

Circuit diagrem and code for L293D/L298N motor IC/ module users

Here I am adding the circuit diagram and code for the l293d motor IC or module users instead of adfruit shield(that I am used)
Download and zoom in for  clear view.
Arduino Full code for L293D IC/module users. Wroke with above mentioned application.

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  2. can you tell/show me how to the the connection of the L298N circuit? I am new in this so i'll ask a lot. Sorry.


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