Music Box

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Here I made a simple low cost better quality music box only using 500rupees(8$). All the items were purchased from locally.

Lets start making-

Parts used-

1.Small plastic box
2.Amplifier board
3.Audio and FM player for car
4.Some wires, volume controllers and speaker output jack (I got it this all from old CD player)
5.DC jack
6.Audio input jack
8.Speaker cover made of plastic
9.12/9volt DC supply

                           Outside                                                              Inside

    Volume controller and bass treble controler

   Speaker output and audio input jack

   DC input jack

         Full inside view 

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  1. Enter your comment. There's nothing called "Aplifier". It should be - "Amplifier".

    1. Yes It is 'Amplifier'. Sorry for the mistake.

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