Smart Arduino AC Plug

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Here I made a smart AC plug using an arduino pro mini .We can on and off any AC device using this smart ac plug via android mobile. We can control it through our voice and by tapping on the screen by connecting the mobile to the ac plug through bluetooth. It's main advantage is it is not need to put inside the switch board it only need to plug in to switch board socket and connect devices like table fan, table lamp etc... This circuit can also use inside the switch board.

Watch it's video

Let's start make this --

Parts needed - 

  1. A small plastic box
  2. AC input and output plug
  3. Relay  *1
  4. BC 548 *1
  5. 100R resistor *1
  6. Arduino pro mini
  7. Bluetooth module(hc-05,hc-06)
  8. 9volt Battery or 5volt ac to dc converter

Circuit diagrem -

Start making-

cut the box and connect female socket

make hole on the other side and connect male socket

Make the relay shield (circuit diagram seen above)

Make the arduino shield (solder arduino to dot board)

Connect bluetooth module to the sheild

Connect the relay shield

Connect battery or ac to dc adapter regulator to the arduino pro mini

Connect a 5volt regulator for the arduino pro mini

Put them all in to a box

Take the ac female pin part of the box

Connect the male socket to the female socket(shown in the circuit diagram)

Connect the relay switch out put wire between the phase line (shown in the circuit diagram)

Program the arduino (code is given below)

Test the circuit

Connect a switch if you are using an Battery

Add the battery to the circuit

Solder the switch

Put all together and close the box

Arduino code -

char val;         // variable to receive data from the serial port
int relay = 7;  // LED connected to pin 8 (on-board LED)
int ledpin = 13;  // LED connected to pin 213 (on-board LED)
void setup()
  pinMode(relay = 7, OUTPUT); // pin 8 (on-board LED) as OUTPUT
  pinMode(ledpin = 13, OUTPUT); // pin 13 (on-board LED) as OUTPUT
    Serial.begin(9600);       // start serial communication at 115200bps
void loop()
  if( Serial.available() )       // if data is available to read
  val =;         // read it and store it in 'val'
  if( val == 'A' )               // if 'A' was received led 2 is switched off
    digitalWrite(relay = 8, HIGH);    // turn Off pin 2
    digitalWrite(ledpin = 13, HIGH);    // turn Off pin 2

  if( val == 'a' )               // if 'a' was received led 2 on
    digitalWrite(relay = 8, LOW);  // turn ON pin 2
   digitalWrite(ledpin = 13, LOW);  // turn ON pin 2

For the android application - click here

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