Mr.robot v-3.0 - A personal life companion multitalented robot

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mr.Robot - A personal mutitalented robot robotechmaker, muhammed azhar

Image of  Mr.robot v-2.0

This is a personal life companion and multi talented remote controlled/ autonomous robot with end user training capability and Interacting technology which can learn tasks. It can work automatically or under a human control using either smart phone or hand gesture control. When compared to other robots it can be makes at cheap price because it is made of low cost and easily available materials. The body of the robot is made using the row materials available locally or disposed things.

Various uses / functions

  •  This is a multi talented humanoid robot that is capable of doing many works at a time.
  •  We can program this robot for various tasks such as wheelchair pulling, cleaning, washing, security etc.
  • We can control it using a smart phone from anywhere in the world. It gives sensor data to out smart phone such as temperature, atmospheric humidity, gas leakage (LPG), PIR motion sensor value and we can measure indoor distance easily and perfectly using the ultra sonic sensor in the robot.
  • We can check temperature using this robot anytime using some sensors in the robot.
  • It is helpful for helping the aged people and the handicapped
  • It can use as Breathalyzer.
  • It has hand gesture control we can control this robot using our two fingers .It helpful to people who suffering decease like polio, Parkinson etc. If they cant move their fingers, if they can move their head they can control the robot by moving their head backward and forward
  • By uploading some particular programs this robot can act as a home nurse which reminds us to take medicines properly.
  • It is useful for companies and other offices as receptionists and makes secure from gas leaking, fire, thieves, drugs using, smoking etc.
  • It is useful for schools for teaching small children and for security
  • We can keep the robot in our home as a pet, as life a companion, for share our works, for helping and security.
  • We can control and see the place where the robot is placed through the camera on our smart phone.
  • The robot also protects us from insects and other wild animals by producing particular high frequency sounds.
  • It can speak to us and can answer our questions (under developing process).
  • We can make changes in the program of the robot to our various corresponding needs.
  • Robot can take and place small things. Thus aged peoples take things by sitting at their own seats.
  • By making some developments we can use this robot in military fields and such other fields.



*        Height                                  -       3 feet
*        Wight                                   -       15kg
*        Main board                           -       Arduino
*        Programming language        -       C++
*        Software                               -       Arduino IDE
*        Connectivity                         -      Wireless ;  Bluetooth
*        Controls                                -       Speech, Button, Tilting
*        Power source                        -       12volt 7.5 AH battery

 Parts used

Main boards
1.    Arduino UNO R3
2.    Arduino pro mini *3
3.    L293d motor control shield
4.    H-bridge motor driver
5.    Relay motor controller
6.    Radio receiver/transmitter board
7.    Sound driver
8.    Amplifiar
9.    Nokia lcd 5110
10.Hc-06 bluetooth module*2
11.      Mq-6 Gas sensor
12 .DHT11 temprature and                          humidity sensor
13    Hc-sr04 Ultrasonic sensor
14.  PIR motion sensor
15.LDR light sensor
16.  Lm-35 temprature sensor
Mechanical parts
Other circuits
1.    Batter 12volt
2.    100rpm motor *2
3.    10rpm motor*2
4.    Servo*2
5.    Speaker
6.    Switche*15

7.    Fire alarm
8.    Gas alarm
9.    Motion alarm
10.   Police sound
11.Mr. logo led
12. Led rotating circuit

Image from PPT innovation award exhibition time

Me and my robot in news(Language Malayalam)

Asianet news- 

Runner up @ Dr. Pradeep P Thevannoor Innovation Awards

Won first price in Southern India Science Fair

Deepika news paper

Thejas newspaper

Deshabhimani newspaper

Mathrubhumi newspaper

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  1. I'm interested . but not know how can i start. u have done very good work

    1. Thank you. Let's start from here -

  2. Hey you can even add camera lens module and add object (face) detecting functions.

    1. Now I am working on my new robotic project names 'ROVi - a robot for virtual teleportation' using raspberry pi as main board. It have functions like face,voice recognition and many more.. stay connected for more updates. Thankyou!

  3. I appreciate your works Azhar๐Ÿ‘.All the best for your upcoming proects...๐Ÿ‘


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