2017 - Projects

 RoVi - Robo Virtuality.
A humanoid robot for virtual teleportation. My next main robotic project after Mr.robot.

Sketch of the robot

Third eye for blind.

A specially designed most simple wearable device for blinds to navigate with greater comfort and and speed..... Waite for more details!

The five modules (want to make it wearable)

The ultimate off-road RC rover

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Make your first raspberry pi robot- The best beginners guide(Coming soon)

A simple tutorial to begin with raspberry pi robotics.

Coming soon!

 Arduino Nokia LCD Modular  System.(Coming soon)

A modular electronics using arduino.
Main board

Raspberry pi: Home automation - The easiest

2016 - Projects

DIY wireless remote controller for robots, RC boats...
Tutorial to make a efficient remote controller for your robots, RC cars, Quad copter etc
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Arduino: Line follower robot - A simple tutorial
The simplest tutorial for making a line follower robot using arduino and IR sensors(LEDs).
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A tutorial for beginners to make first arduino robot.

Smartphone controlled obstacle avoiding and wall follower robot
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 Pipe bot Arduino Bluetooth two wheeled robot.

A cheap two wheeled arduino robot which can work as disaster management robot, spying agent etc...
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A simple music playing device.
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2015 projects

MR.robot V-3.0 a personal multi talented humanoid robot.

This is personal multi talented humanoid robot capable of doing many works at time. We can control this robot from anywhere in the world......

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Arduino POV display

A simple tutorial for beginners to make POV (Persistence of vision) display or flouting display using arduino.
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Obstacle avoiding robot

Arduino nokia LCD gaming system

A small pocket sized gaming board using arduino and nokia 5110 LCD

Cheap price power bank 1000mah

A cheap price pocket sized power bank made only using 1$.

CNC plotter mechine

A small CNC machine (printer) made using arduino and old CD drives.

Smart arduino AC plug

A smart AC plug that can be operated by a mobile via bluetooth made using arduino,relay and a bluetooth shield.
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2014 - Projects

Mr.robot V-1.0

This is an arduino pet robot having different functions like security etc..
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PSLV - Rocket model 

PSLV rocket model made for ISRO rocket model making competition.

Qu-bot a easy programmable robot
A easy programmable robot made using Qu-bot robotic kit which help me to learn basics of robotic programming. 


A simple MP3 player.


FM transmitter
A simple FM transmitter with 50 meter range.

My first robot :)

Updating under process.........

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