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Friday, September 22, 2017

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The device and plant setup

Light sensor and Soil moister sensor

What about growing your any plants from anywhere around the world without your actual presence? Yes it is possible by this project called 'IoT Plant'. 

You can water you plant through different modes available in the android application and you will get the real time reading of moister, temperature and light that is available for the plant on your smartphone. And also you will get an email when your plant require water, manure etc..

Let's read more about it -

What is IoT (internet of things)? - simple definition

Internet of thing is the ecosystem of connected physical devices that are accessible through the internet.

Features of IoT Plant

  1. You can monitor the real time requirement of the plant.
  2. Different modes of water supply for different types of plants

What you can monitor?

  • The humidity of the soil.
  • Light available to the plant leafs and temperature of the atmosphere.

Different modes of water supply

  • Manual mode - You can manually supply the water.
  • Timer mode - Can be used to supply water in regular interval of time or at a particular time every day.
  • Automatic mode - Automatically supply water as per the requirement of the plant. Suitable for the plants which always need water.(eg: Paddy cultivation)

Technical details

This project was made using the micro controller called arduino. - It is cheap opensource board which can be used for different applications by programming using C++ language through the arduino IDE software. And an IoT board called EP8266 which revolutionized the Internet of things. For a mere dollar you can add a whole world wireless capability to your projects. That is the reason why we are choose ESP8266 for making this project. 

It is used some sensors such as soil moister sensor, temperature sensor and light sensor to monitor the real time environment of the plant. Also a water pump and relay to pump the water to the plant. 

For this project I am used an IoT application called 'Blynk'. Through this application we are controlling the water pump and see the environment or the water requirement of the plant through different types of graphs.

IOT application - 'Blynk'

Parts used

Electronic parts

Mechanical parts

  1. Arduino nano
  2. ESP8266
  3. ESP8266 programmer
  4. LCD display
  5. Relay module
  6. Plastic box (17 x 11 cm wide)
  7. Ac to DC 12 volt 2 AH regulator. 
  8. Water pump
  9. Switch

Circuit diagram

<<<<<<<WILL UPDATE LATER>>>>>>>

Arduino code (C++ language)

<<<<<<<WILL UPDATE LATER>>>>>>>

ESP8266 code (C++ language)

<<<<<<<WILL UPDATE LATER>>>>>>>

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