How to program ESP8266 - 01

Monday, May 15, 2017

In this tutorial I am going to show how to program ESP8266 - 01 using Arduino board or using FTDI parallel to serial converter through few easy steps.

Here I am providing both the circuit diagram to connect the ESP8266 with arduino or FTDI parallel to serial converter. In both case the programming is in the same way.. 

Circuit diagram - ESP8266 + FTDI parallel to serial board

Circuit diagram - PROGRAM ESP8266 with FTDI parallel to serial

Visit here to see how to make a 3.3 volt regulator - 

Circuit diagram - ESP8266 + Arduino


Connection information

  - ESP8266 VCC  - 3.3volt
  - ESP8266 GND  - GND of arduino/FTDI
  - ESP8266 CH_PD  - 3.3volt
  - ESP8266 RST ground it for reset
  - ESP8266 GPIO 0  - ground it at the time of uploading program .

RX, TX Connection for FTDI

  - ESP8266 RX  -  TX of FTDI
  - ESP8266 TX  -  RX of FTDI

RX, TX Connection for Arduino
  - ESP8266 RX  -  RX of Arduino
  - ESP8266 TX  -  TX of Arduino

How to program ESP8266 - 01

After connecting ESP8266 with your computer with any of the above method, follow the  steps below - 

STEP 1 - Download and Install the Arduino IDE

STEP 2 - Add the the ESP8266 to Arduino IDE

1. First you need to add the information about the ESP8266 board to the Arduino IDE by going to File > Preference

2. Paste this URL - to the field 'Addtionol board manager URL's'


3. After that go to Sketch > Include library > Manage libraries to add the library of ESP8266.


4. In the library management window, type ESP8266. From the libraries appear, press install ESP8266 community.


5. Now from the Tools > Board menu > Board manager you can find the Generic ESP8266 Module. 


STEP 3 - Flash your code!

Select the COM port and upload your code. Now you can use your ESP8266 as a standalone board.


Thank you for reading!

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  1. This was a great help. Thanks for uploading this, everything was in such detail that I never had any doubts. Keep up the good work as many people can benefit of this


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