ROVI - Robo Virtuality

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Maker mela with Miten Mehta, Co-Founder, Spinta Global Accelerator. 
Released my new robot the "Rovi - Robo virtuality" @ #Makermela Mumbai 2017

"Even in this 21 st century there having a significant innovation for reducing the travelling time and distance. From common people to the president of the nation people are still using video calls or travelling long distance for the conference and meeting. We can use this innovation for the next level teleconferencing by making our virtual presence instead of travelling and wasting time.I came up with a personal life companion and multi-talented remote controlled/ autonomous robot with end-user training capability and interacting technology."


RoVi (RoboVirtuality) - a smart, personal, artificial intelligent robot for virtual teleportation. More details, Videos, Images... will upload soon here. 

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