Third Eye for Blinds

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Watch the video(that came in Asianet news channel In Malayalam language)

Video credits -

  • The first wearable technology for blinds
  • Using ultrasonic waves to detect the obstacles
  • Notifying the user through vibrations/buzzer sound

        Third eye for blinds is an innovation to help blind people to navigate with greater comfort, speed and confidence, while making use of ultrasonic waves to detect nearby obstacles and to notify the user through vibrations and beeps of a buzzer.

We designed a special wearable device based on the arduino which can be worn like a cloth for blinds. This device is equipped with five ultrasonic sensors, consisting of five modules which are connected to the different parts of the body. Among two for both shoulder, another two for both knees and one for the hand. Using the five ultrasonic sensors they can detect the objects in a five dimensional view around them and can easily travel anywhere. When the ultrasonic sensor detects obstacle the device will notify the user through vibrations and sound beeps. The intensity of vibration and rate of beeping increases with decrease in distance thus they can locate the exact position of the obstacles and this is a fully automated device.

More details will update.

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